Monday, July 8, 2013

Quick update, busy busy busy

Things have been so busy around here that I haven't had much time to ride.  In fact I even went 2 full weeks without getting on a horse, I am that busy :(  On the plus side I am ALMOST done with a huge project, we are expanding our pasture from the 1.5-2 acres we have to be around 7-8 acres.  Now, it won't be cleared, grassy pastures but instead lots of brush with grass however it will be huge and I am ALMOST done!  We are fencing the property from property line to property line, leaving only the very front for a lawn.  The post holes have been dug, cedar posts have been cemented and/or graveled, corner braces have been screwed and tensioned into place and I am ready to string my Electrobraid and hang the fence hangers.  Hopefully  I will be done with that this week and then I will only have gates to put up, a couple more posts to sink and it will be done!

In other news I am currently scheduled to ride in an eventing clinic on Saturday and I have barely ridden the TWH.  I rode quickly last night and while I need to work on the canter/trot transitions again, things went pretty well.  We will see how things go, hopefully I didn't just flush my money down the drain because I was too busy to prepare. Ugh.  Will update soon, hope everyone is doing well.  I am almost caught up on everyone's blogs :)


  1. Pics? ;) I'm sure you guys will do great, less time to get nervous right?

  2. It won't be a waste of money! If you're perfect for a clinic you can't learn anything new lol. I can't wait until your pasture is done. That will be great!