Monday, March 25, 2013

Fitness Success!

After my last lesson both H and I agreed that it was time to start focusing on jumping in order to get the TWH and myself in shape to go cross country before our show in May.  That meant I had to try to get up to 5 minutes in two point first, why 5 minutes?  My self imposed rule says that I need to have a secure base and muscle memory before throwing the TWH over jumps since he is so green at it.  If/when he messes up, he is going to need me to tell him how to get out of the mess and I can't do that if I lose my balance or don't have the fitness to stay with him.  Now if I was riding the App?  No worries, I would have already been jumping as he doesn't need help.  He can be at a bad distance or almost fall down and still figure out how to get over a jump.  Since I am working a greenie, however, two point it is.

Unfortunately last week I didn't get to ride almost at all, SO was out of town so everything fell onto me.  Chores, feeding, cleaning, did I mention another contractor to reinstall our half bath?  Monday night was paint, paint, paint trying to get the room ready (3.5 hour project), Tuesday night was running errands and going from store to store trying to find new hardware.  I guess no one sells a toilet paper holder that goes onto the wall anymore?  Meijer, Big Lots, Kohls and WalMart were all duds!  The search continues.  Wednesday was having a friend over to visit, Thursday was going to RB4's house for dinner and Friday was going to pick up my pelleted bedding that finally came in at the farm store.  Blech.  Everything needed done and was important but none of it was riding.

When I rode the previous weekend I had been able to get up to 3 minutes of two point before crashing so this past weekend I was determined to do better.  On Sat I took the TWH and the dog out for a fitness ride.  We went on the short loop which is 3 miles of dirt roads.  While there was a lot more fighting with the TWH to trot then I would have liked, as he kept gaiting when he didn't stay organized, I got a good workout put in.  When we were almost back I turned around and did a .6 mile canter before stopping because the dog was SO tuckered out.  We had a pretty nice stroll back to the barn and the next day I wasn't even that sore!
Fitness!  (Shepard is on a retractable leash)
Sunday I had to really squeeze in a ride because RB3 ended up coming over rather randomly and she wasn't in the mood to ride.  When I mentioned I happened to buy a western saddle for one of my students to ride him, she suddenly perked up and was willing to ride so despite having only 30 mins to do so off we went on a ride!  The downside is the western saddle only fits the TWH so I wasn't able to nit pick him, I rode the App.  The App was, well, in true form.  Since I have been working the TWH almost exclusively, the App hasn't gotten out of the arena much this winter and he let me know it.  He jigged most of the ride and holding him to a trot was really hard.  I felt like I was riding an on-the-track TB and I probably looked it too.  Towards the middle of the ride we were getting close to missing our time mark so we cantered for a while, I practically had the App's chin to his chest to keep him from flat out galloping away.  Ugh App!!  I will say, however, I think I am now fit enough in two point to jump!

Today I am S. O. R. E.  My legs are actually not nearly as bad as my core and shoulders, most likely from hauling on the App to keep him semi sane.  Note to self, next time put his dang-gone cross country bit in!  There is absolutely no need to subject myself to that kind of behavior.  It certainly does make me appreciate the TWH more though :)

Not sure if I will be able to throw my leg over a horse tonight, will see how well the Advil works, but I have until Thursday to jump.  Thursday is my first jumping lesson with H, I am excited to see how it goes.

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  1. I want to see a picture up close of you Shepherd! I love them!

    Sounds like a fabulous ride on TWH.... not so much on App lol. :) Keep up the awesome work!!