Monday, February 25, 2013

15m circles? Why yes we can!

So my apologies, I had this written up last week and forgot to post it.  Thus I have updated it a little and am posting it now.  Sorry!

Not a big update, but a small milestone reached!  We are making progress, the TWH's trot is getting better and better and the canter/trot transition is coming right along.  He is starting to get into a shape that isn't so round and when you feel his chest you can actually feel some muscle instead of flub.  Yay!

Our only focus during our rides is the quality of trot and the correctness of our canter/trot transition.  The trot is feeling really nice and his inconsistency is fading.  He is keeping a true trot most of the time, even as we warm up, and his flexibility in the trot is slowly reappearing after a long absence.  I have been working these past couple of weeks on getting the trot balanced through turns and we are finally getting it.  Last week but especially this past weekend I was successful in getting 15m circles at both the trot and the canter without him loosing the quality of the gait.  Success!!

I have a lesson on Thursday in dressage, I want H to see how he is doing and see if she has any suggestions to help us along before we start jumping.  I don't expect anything major and I think she will see we have come a long way so hopefully next week I will pull out my jumping saddle again and start working on two point.  We have our first show the first weekend of May, it is coming fast!


  1. Yay!! Congrats! :D I'm exciting you get to start jumping soon. Kudos to you for doing his dressage work first though. :)

    May is coming fast. Chrome will be four! Can you believe it??

    I promise I will try not to get so far behind on your blog again. I feel bad for being absent so long. Please keep blogging!!

    1. Thank you SO much for commenting and following my blog! I got so discouraged late last year due to no visits and no comments. I know I started blogging just for myself but the reason I keep going has certainly changed through time. It is hard to imagine I am almost at 200 posts! Looking forward to this new year and what we will accomplish, time is flying by.

    2. Yes, I completely understand how it is because I'm the exact same way. For me if it feels like nobody is reading I feel like there is no point to any of it!! So when I read that you were feeling the same way I felt so guilty that I haven't been around to comment because I really enjoy your blog. It won't happen again! :D