Thursday, September 20, 2012

The pain of recovery

So I was happy that I had won the division of the judged trail ride two weeks ago and then I got a phone call asking me what would I like my prize to be.  I'm sorry, what?  I get a PRIZE??  Turns out I won a Professionals Choice rope halter and lead rope.  Go us!  I got it in the mail yesterday.  While I am not a huge fan of rope halters, it is super cool I won something and am torn on if to sell it because I don't really need it (already have a rope halter/lead anyway) or keep it because it has a cool story.  At least it is black and not pink or orange or something.

Last weekend was horse camp here and my students had a lot of fun.  The horses got baths, even the unhappy donkey got a bath, we played with ground work and then practiced some trail exercises.  It was my second horse camp this year and it was certainly a success.  Now I have to hurry up and get the donkey ready to pull me around in a cart so at the next horse camp we can go trail riding as a group, they can go riding and I can drive the donkey.  Poor donkey will be so unhappy.  HA!

I have been trying to ride at least twice a week and am doing a pretty good job of it.  My knee is giving me some fits, it is currently a bit swollen and pinching when I walk but isn't super painful.  I can finally ride in the dressage saddle with stirrups so I figured it was time to bump it up.  If nothing else I really need to strengthen the muscles around my knee as I still can't squat down with that leg due to lack of muscle.

Last week I rode in my jumping saddle and while I can do what I need at a walk, including standing in two-point, I couldn't do much of it in a trot.  Tuesday I rode in the jumping saddle again and after a lot of trying I was finally able to make it one lap around the arena in two point.  Success!  It was also pretty dang painful and I wasn't able to squeak out even a quarter more of a lap but I did finally get a full lap.  Once.  Once I can get a little stronger in the knee I will work on endurance and fitness and then start going over small jumps again.    Just waiting for this knee to finish healing so I can get back to really riding.


  1. Poor donkey! Please, please, please share all of your cart training with her on here!!! I want to teach Zep to pull a cart too (once I get him tamed of course) because riding still hurts my husband's back too much. I was thinking driving would be a good way for him to still enjoy the horse and donkey without hurting.

    Congrats on winning the halter! I would probably keep it because I'm sentimental like that lol. :D

    Good job with camp! Sounds like you all had fun (well besides the poor mistreated donkey hehehe).