Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wonderful trail ride and TACK SPLURGE!

On Saturday I was reminded it was Helmet Awareness Day.  I have had my trusty Tipperary for about 4 or 5 years now and I really love it, it is comfortable, has nice ventilation and not heavy.  It is so much more better than the Troxels I have had and is in the same price range as Troxels.  While I would love to be able to spend $150-$300 on a beautiful helmet that would immediately make me ride better and look awesome, I can't drop that kind of change on a helmet so I stick with my cheaper, under $100 helmets.  My current helmet is set to expire later this year and I had every intention of buying a new one at the All American Quarter Horse Congress in October but then I got an email from Smartpak, they were offering up to 20% off a new helmet.  I thought about it, took a quick peek at the checkbook and typed www.smartpak.com as fast as my fingers could fly.

I ended up getting an updated version of my current helmet, a Tipperary Sportage, and I got it on sale with free shipping.  Score!  As I am set up as a barn so I always get free shipping, my order won't be here until Monday but that is still pretty good IMO.  While I was getting ready to hit the Checkout button I just couldn't help myself and ordered some Uncle Jimmy's Licky Things as well, if I will treat myself I might as well treat the boys too right?  While I love the Hanging Balls, the boys make such a mess on their faces so a Licky Thing will have to suffice.  I don't think I will hear complaints from them lol. 

On Sunday I took the App and picked up RB3's new horse and we went trail riding at a state park not far from here.  I have been to 2 other parks so far this year and while this one is much smaller, I really liked this one the best.  The entire area was clean, the trails were maintained and they had trail maps at most trail intersections.  It was nicely wooded with only a few fields and had some really nice hills with lots of mature trees. I had a lot of fun and the App was fantastic, no one would have known he could be a monster with a firecracker and a pogostick with how he was acting.  He jumped over a couple of logs and I let him gallop up some of the big hills, he came back to me each time and it was great.

I am looking forward to riding the TWH tonight and to start cantering him, this will be his first time cantering under saddle since he came up lame way back in March/April.  Hopefully by July I will be able to ride in my jumping saddle and will start jumping him again.  This whole torn muscle thing has caused my show routine and jumping practice to suffer and I am ready to get back to it.

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  1. That park sounds fantastic! :D Awesome find on the helmet. I really need to get a new one. Mine is ooooolllddd although it sat unused for a long time it probably still really needs to be replaced. I might have to check out Tippery. :)