Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Donkey in action!

This morning started out like any normal morning with the exception of having the present of 5 dead mice, that is a pretty high number.  Go cats!  I was running a little late but made up the time nicely and got everyone fed and turned out and was working on cleaning stalls.  Our dog stays in the chain link backyard while I do morning chores and this morning while I was cleaning the TWH's stall he started barking a warning bark.  Since the dog is afraid of his own shadow and is only brave when he is hiding behind something I went and investigated and there was a large chocolate lab trotting around the backyard and sniffing our dog.  Our dog was barking but also trying to play, good job guard dog.  I walked over to see if the dog would come to me as it had a collar and tags and it didn't, it trotted away and went into the Electrobraid pasture.

I shook my head and told him he didn't want to push his luck and sure enough he ducked under the Electrobraid and went into the winter turnout and trotted around.  Now the winter turnout is woven wire fencing to the ground except where the Electrobraid is so he is now in a 3 walled pasture.  I told him that was probably a bad idea as I know my donkey was a guard donkey and was told she has a confirmed coyote kill.  I was curious if she would defend her herd.  Not 30 seconds after ducking into the pasture, however, here comes Daisy in full alert.  Her ears were up and she charged forward with a mission.

The dog was in a place I couldn't see him from my angle but I heard a yelp and then some scurrying and then saw the dog fly through the winter turnout and shoot under the Electrobraid and out the other side of the pasture by our property line before stopping to see what happened.  Daisy had chased the dog so aggressively she did a reining sliding stop/rear and turn to stay out of the fence which, thankfully, was on.  Of course then she sounded her alarm bray (very different from a normal bray) and I had to walk into the pasture to make her hush.  It was such an odd thing to watch, to see her so focused was definitely different.  I am super happy that A) she will defend her herd and is on the watch for danger and B) despite wanting to kill our dog she certainly doesn't act like that so I guess we are lucky in that respect.  Go Daisy!

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  1. That is awesome!! One of the reasons I love donkeys. :D Daisy deserves a sugar cube or whatever her favorite treat is. What a good girl!